AppCoins, the game changer in the Mobile App industry using Blockchain Technology

AppCoins is a protocol designed to revolutionise the App Economy with the goal of creating a trustworthy and open economy for app stores without intermediaries. It is an open and distributed protocol for app stores. Its purpose is to move on the blockchain three of the most important elements of app stores: advertising, in-app purchases and developer’s approval.
Advertisers will be able to remunerate users who take the time to check their ads, using AppCoins. Blockchain provides proof-of-attention and guarantees against repudiation, fake identity or double attribution
Users will have an easy way to get items in the app store, using AppCoins earned or previously bought.
Developers are ranked as “Trusted”, “Unknown” or “Critical” as per their track record of transactions in the blockchain, building this way, a new trust model.
Starting from the premise that centralized app economy is inefficient, because of the many intermediaries between app users and developers, we can assume that AppCoins will be the answer to most of the limitations the app economy faces.  By making use of smart contracts it will be possible to establish direct relationships between developers and users, eliminating intermediaries. Raising transparency and efficiency on app transaction may lead eventually to eliminate the monopoly that Google Play Store and Apple Store have on this market
AppCoin tokens will be used to get various types of services on any app store supporting AppCoins protocol, but also to reward users. Tokens can be used to advertise apps, developers can sell and users can buy digital goods using in-app billing and users can be rewarded with AppCoins for installing and using sponsored apps.
AppCoins pre-sale is open only to apps ecosystem players: Aptoide users, App Developers, Device Manufactures and Strategic Investors. This registration is selective to allow an optimal token distribution.
Registering until November 20th will get you a 30% discount.
Benefits on the app economy
Through blockchain technology, Appcoins protocol creates a shared ecosystem among all app stores, aiming to be a game changer in the industry, making all processes more transparent and more profitable for anyone involved, from developer to the end user and even the manufacturers.
Nowadays, advertisers try to reach users paying for CPI campaigns (Cost per installation) but this practice will become obsolete in the near future, while Appcoins will get globally adopted by all app stores. The reason is Appcoins blockchain will eliminate the middlemen and create CPA (Cost Per Attention), a new method to acquire users.This innovation will allow the developer to reward users directly, for spending a minimum of 2 minutes inside the app.
Rewards gained by users will get stored in their wallets and will be available to use for In-App purchases.Not only acquiring new users will be cheaper than before, but developers will get 85% share of what users spend on in-game purchases, comparing to 70% as we speak.
Device manufacturers have a key role in the app industry and while in present, they don’t benefit at all from this profitable industry, this will change. OEM’s will get a 5% reward for their part in this economic circle, a change that was unexpected for many but long awaited from the manufacturers.
More revenue will be shared with developers, manufacturers will benefit from the app economy for the first time, and users will be rewarded through the implementation of the proof-of-attention concept.It is fair to say that App economy will change forever, and everyone (maybe except for those maintaining a monopoly over the market) will win from this revolutionary change.
If you would like to join the pre-sale, you may wonder if you’re eligible. To get a clear answer on that, check this video.

from AppCoins on Vimeo.
The new cryptocurrency is supported by Aptoide App Store, which has more than 200M users, 4 billion apps downloads and is ranked 692 worldwide.
AppCoins is an ERC20 token and can be stored in any ERC20 compatible wallet. While the developers don’t recommend a particular wallet, many users will probably store the tokens using MyEtherWallet or ImToken.  The ICO is the first step for the AppCoins platform launch and it will provide the necessary funds for the initial implementation and promotion of the platform and to its first release in 12 months. To participate in the Initial Coin Offering, you can only use Ethereum.


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