Black Friday: eSports ICO Opens- vetted by Blockchain and Securities Law leader Cooley LLP.


New York, New York, November 20th, 2017 – Cryptocurrency trading has skyrocketed in recent months, as has the number of companies issuing Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). In spite of their increasing popularity, issuers are still wary about impending SEC regulations, which has led the majority of projects to avoid accepting U.S. investment altogether. The U.S is the number one investor economy in the world, (source: unctad), and yet so few companies are confident enough in the utility of their issued tokens to take a firm stance and welcome U.S contributions into their public crowd sales. This leads to a problem where U.S cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are not necessarily accredited investors cannot find sound projects to contribute to.
In order to combat this problem, NYC-based gaming startup Gizer has partnered with securities law powerhouse Cooley LLP and KYC/AML platform SAFT Launch. As one of Silicon Valley’s premiere law firms, Cooley’s client list includes brands like Uber, Apple, Tesla, Google and Facebook. Cooley currently provides legal representation for 35% of the startups on the Wall Street Journal’s Billion Dollar Startup list. While many large firms have steered clear of taking on new clients in the blockchain space, Cooley has positioned themselves as one of the premier legal authorities on all things blockchain.
Cooley LLP has performed extensive due diligence on Gizer and the GZR token use cases; after spending months evaluating GZR against current securities laws, the firm has supported Gizer’s decision to open their ICO to U.S. citizens.
GZR is an ERC20 token which allows gamers to best leverage the Gizer platform and in particular, the Global Gaming Identity (GGiD). GGiD is a cross-platform stat tracking application with a dynamic Unity-based avatar system that will be brought to the Blockchain. Using Blockchain technology, Gizer plans to eliminate gaming fraud by creating a universal identifier for competitive gamers.
Before issuing GZR to the public, Gizer partnered with SAFT Launch to hold a private sale, using the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens. Gizer has blazed a trail that many major projects (including’s upcoming tZero sale) are expected to follow by using the SAFT, and partnering with a third-party compliance partner for their KYC/AML verification. Having the project vetted by SAFTLaunch reinforces the belief that early contributors are believers in the token, not merely looking to generate a high ROI in the short-term, and ultimately makes it far easier to determine the legitimacy of a project. The added transparency and security were driving factors in Gizer’s decision to partner with SAFTLaunch.
The Gizer ICO Presale opens on Black Friday, November 24th, 2017 at 14:00 UTC with up to a 15% discount for early contributors.
About The GZR Token Sale:
The GZR token represents a building block to a user’s profile on the Ethereum network. Each token represents an unlockable profile item in an “unknown” state. The user can unlock tokens at any time, resulting in a randomized profile item being unlocked which can be applied to the user’s Global Gaming Identity.
Users can collect items for rank, statistics, and to customize their avatars to gain prestige within the community. Gizer has already begun signing deals with game developers to integrate the Global Gaming Identity APIs.
Accredited investors can get involved today by participating in the GZR private sale on Please contact for more information. The private sale is only open to accredited investors, and offers the largest available discounts on the ICO price.
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