Misscoin – Beauty and Decentralization will save the world

“Beauty will someday save the world” – that is what Dostoevsky, the great Russian classic believed would happen. Looks like people used to support the idea long before the renowned author was even born – almost any culture on the globe had its own “beauty contest” with the earliest documented one dating back to the 5th century BC.
The tradition lived to see today and at the moment there are about 340 beauty pageants all over the world – and this figure includes only the registered ones! However, MISSCOIN is not just another contest to get lost in this variety. It was created to revolutionize the industry.
No matter how “the fairest of them all” is chosen, be it an sms/online vote or a highly regarded jury, unfortunately there’s no way to avoid bias, cheating and bureaucracy. Voters cannot be sure that their votes will be given to the beauty they’ve been attracted by and beauties, in their turn, cannot solely rely on their looks and personality to win the prize. MISSCOIN is meant to deal away with this injustice!
The founders of MISSCOIN came up with a brilliant solution – they are going to establish the first international beauty contest fully implemented on blockchain and organized in compliance with the industry’s most demanding standards.
The innovative blockchain technology will ensure full transparency of the voting process creating a completely unbiased ecosystem for all the parties involved – investors, voters and participants. Neither crafty admins nor advanced users will be able to spin the votes. The prejudiced jury members will be hog-tied as well. With MISSCOIN’s philosophy justice will finally prevail.
The functionality of MISSCOIN network is backed by MISSCOIN token (for more detailed information on the Pre-ICO/ICO, http://misscoin.io) The voting process doesn’t include any complicated operations – 1 vote = 1 token. Each person interested will be able to compare the number of votes given to a participant with the number of tokens at her wallet’s address.
Following the common belief that good things come in threes MISSCOIN’s team of qualified and experienced professionals have developed three modules to ensure the network’s flawless operation. Each module adds up to the transparency and trustworthiness of the ecosystem.
Interface for the Contest’s Participants and Voters
Analytics and Statistics Module
The Module of Distributed Data Storage on Blockchain
Apart from being fully transparent and absolutely unbiased (which is already enough to walk away from the conventional beauty pageants) MISSCOIN network has a number of undeniable benefits for both investors and participants.
The Benefits for Investors
A Profitable Investment. With the token entering the exchange an investor is able to gain profit from the token’s constantly growing value, which will derive from the increasing demand
Extra Tokens. Purchasing a certain amount of tokens investors will be granted a discount by means of extra tokens (for more detail, please view The White Paper on the website http://misscoin.io )
Pre-ICO/ICO. The price for tokens 0,01 USD + 50% Bonus, for ICO 0,02 USD + Bonus
Buyback. Buyback for contest votes will be calculated at the rate 0,1 USD – 1 MISC (minus App Store, Google Play fees)
Premium Event. And last but not least – 50 investors with the biggest contributions will be invited to the award ceremony in Cannes (France)
The Benefits for Participants
No borders. Girls from all over the world can enter the contest no matter where they come from
No obstacles. To participate in the contest there’s no need to go through prior castings, selection and bureaucratic procedures
A user-friendly interface to easily become a participant and get steps closer to the model’s career
The interactive chat to freely communicate with both agencies and fans
Unwanted users blocking as protection from intrusiveness
A worthy Prize Fund totalling 500,000 USD (for more details, please view The White Paper on the website http://misscoin.io )
50 winners will be invited to the award ceremony in Cannes (France)
Chances are Dostoevsky was right and beauty may be the only power holding our world back from destruction. In alliance with the security of decentralization it can do wonders, so MISSCOIN is there to make wonders happen.
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