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ProsperiProp is a South African firm that uses digital financial technologies to create next generation investment products that anyone can invest in. Investors looking for a solid Real Estate ICO can look no further.
Johannesburg, S.A., October 5, 2017, Today ProsperiProp made global headlines with the announcement of a Property backed ICO that will be open to all investors with no buy-in requirements. Unlike IPO’s and many other traditional financial instruments, Initial Coin Offerings are open to any type of investor regardless of their income or location. ICO’s are making every day people millionaires, ironic enough, most of the population has never even heard of Cryptocurrencies or ICO’s.
ProsperiProp took the Financial & Cryptocurrency markets by storm with their business model and launch of their PROPX ICO that is said to be unique and a one-of-a-kind modern investment strategy. ProsperiProp can be considered to be among the first modern day firms that uses alternative funding strategies such as ICO’s backed by property assets, in order to allow their “smaller” clients to participate in property investments that would have been out of their reach otherwise.
ProsperiProp uses financial technologies such as Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies to create next generation financial products. Their debut product is a cryptocurrency codenamed TREE. TREE allows normal people to buy into some of the world’s top performing property investment portfolios from only two dollars. Each two dollar purchase buys a crypto token called “TREE”. Each TREE token represents a micro percentage of a real investment portfolio made up of a range of top property portfolio shares. A two dollar investment could offer the same returns, proportionately, to those which a global mega investor gets.
During a recent press event, Llew Morkel, the Founder & C.E.O. of ProsperiProp was quoted as saying, “In the past, the cost of managing millions of tiny accounts outweighed the benefit of attracting that business. As a direct result, millions of potential clients were considered to be not economically viable to pursue by the larger investment firms.”
Morkel went on to say, “Blockchain and cryptocurrencies offer exciting opportunities to create efficient, low-cost financial products that can be deployed on a global scale. Our model, a world first, can be applied to any number of financial products around the world, but property investment is an obvious first choice. We have a vision to make the wealth creating power of property accessible to every single person. By doing so, we unlock billions of dollars for the property sector.”ProsperiProp is a proud gold member of the AlphaCode fintech incubator, a Rand Merchant Investments initiative.
To learn more or to take advantage of the PROPX ICO sale, visit the ProsperiProp website: https://prosperiprop.comTo view the whitepaper click here:
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