RaiBlocks Price Reaches New-Record Highs Daily as Its Popularity Surges 


RaiBlocks is on a ‘growing rally’ with a massive gain on market capitalization and fame. Can XRB/USD withstand the sellers as they are taking turn right now?
Raiblocks token has been targeted down by traders and investors that are scanning out for the next big thing and it could be that they hit right on target. The value of XRB against the US Dollar since our last writing has increased (in only a week) around 151 percent from $6.00 to an attempting-to-stabilize $13.90 today.

After the massive over-extension in gain from the supportive trend-market line, the pair XRB/USD was followed up with a pullback on the hourly chart down to $10.50. However, despite the fact that the $12.00 was believed to showcase a major tanking level, XRB broke above and was able to return to its standard bullish trend and retest the previous all-time high.
In any case, comparing to where RaiBlocks was standing before, any drop or pull-back of that degree would be appreciated keeping in mind that in under two weeks – RaiBlocks sky-rocketed from being positioned between the 80-90 places by market capitalization to the 22nd today [according to coinmarketcap – $1.7 bln].
Being part of the so-called “new generation of cryptos” the fame increase for XRB could be coming with the value explosion that IOTA first experienced as it does belong too to that particular class.
Having a clear vision and much appreciated technology introduced in the crypto-community, the future of RaiBlocks is linked very-very close to the development which the team backing the coin up delivers. With exchanges listing XRB pairs up to be added, a recovery and price impact is to awaited, but time will tell what the revolutionary coin brings upon the eco-system.
Trade safely and only based on your own research.

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