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Why invest with SAM?
SAM is an automated and decentralized trust management system that is built on smart contracts and blockchains. With SAM, various aspects and stake holders are brought on board. These include traders, investors, brokers and exchange experts. This unity in is then decentralized into an open and fair network, which results into a more global financial market. The main aim of SAM is to enhance stability and transparency to the traditional financial market.
Why SAM?
1. Huge Industry
With reference to the public reports, the global asset under the SAM management is over $70 trillion and still continues to grow. SAM covers all the major market participants, including asset managers, the existing hedge funds and assets, forex, stock and markets operating on digital currencies.
2. Relevance
The field of trust management is suffering from strong regulations, hidden processes and unfair money managers. Investors and managers are very limited to information and lack of diversification of financial instruments. SAM on the other hand is more open, fair and diversifies the financial instruments.
3. Professionalism
Sam has a team that is well trained and highly experienced in developing financial software, as well as the conventional money management systems integrated with deep knowledge of block-chain. Mikhail Lezanovski and O Dmitry Lakutov won the HackEurope, an all Europe Hackathon in Blockchain and nomination finance using the SAM project concept.
4. Security
The person in charge of security is a highly competitive hacker, who plays with the top Europe CTF team known as LC BC. In 2014, he became the team leader of More Smoked Leet Chicken, the best global sport hacking team of the year, as specified by CTF times overall rating. He currently works at Kaspersky lab, department of financial incidents investigation.
5. Existing product.
SAM does not initiate the solution from scratch. Broker tools readily offer centralized solutions. the software was bought by over eighty different companies all over the world. The turnover of funds taped via this management system was over $100 billion.
6. Existing Clients
Most clients in this industry, both existing and potential, allow SAM to progress from an idea to an operating business soon enough.
7. Partnership.
The advisory board of SAM is created by very influential experts, both from cryptocurrency and traditional finance worlds.
8. certification
SAM ICO is fully certified by the Financial Commission.
9. Compliance
In compliance with the industry standards, SAM has successfully passed the Howey Test. Below is the memorandum.
10. Audit
SAM has also been audited by SmartDEC and Zerion on our smart contracts and has passed successfully. This confirms that our smart contracts are of high quality and highly secure.
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